Luxury Trips Website Outline

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A [rough] outline in text, thinking through user experience.

Homepage top navigation bar:


  • Safari

  • Romance

  • Art & Culture

  • Adventure

  • Family Travel

  • Islands & Beaches

  • Timeless Wonders

Destinations (Each country has its own page)

  • Africa [Pull in Alluring Africa Wetu content for destinations pages]

    • Botswana

    • Congo

    • Ethiopia

    • etc...

  • Europe

    • Ireland

    • Scotland

    • England

    • France

    • Sweden

    • etc...

  • Central America & The Caribbean

    • Costa Rica

    • Mexico

    • etc…

  • South America

    • Peru

    • Brazil

    • Chile

    • Argentina

    • etc...

  • Asia

    • China

    • Singapore

    • etc...

  • Everywhere In Between

    • Antarctica

    • I don’t see the place I want to go.

      • Link to contact page.

    • etc...

How Can We Help?

  • I want to go on an unforgettable vacation.

    • Link to inspirations page.

  • I’m an agent.

    • [Text about helping agents sell trips with our help (knowledge, expertise, relationships and beautiful itineraries.)]

  • I want to learn about cruises.

    • Link to cruise partner sites. (LT doesn’t handle, but will refer business to vetted partners)

  • I want to learn about Africa.

    • Link to Alluring Africa site.


  • What We Do

    • About Luxury Trips & Why Travel With Us

  • Our Team

    • Our private travel designers

    • [Text description about knowledge and expertise]

      • Liz

      • Alex

      • Susan

      • Andre

      • Sunit

    • Our behind the scenes team

    • [Text description about how they make operations possible]

      • Michann

      • Adrienne

      • Erika

    • Our hand-picked partners

      • (a page featuring the logos of suppliers like Wilderness Safaris, Singita, Asilia, One&Only, Swiss Ski Safaris, etc.)

Blog [Direct link]

  • Need to be able to add new blog posts regularly and enable internal linking to and from other pages.

Contact [Direct link]

  • Page with contact info, physical office address, and submittable inquiry form that goes directly to sales’ email.

  • Looking for Alluring Africa? (provide a redirect to AA website)

[Homepage background photo]

[Text saying ex. “It’s all about you and the mountain.”]

[Text] I Would Like To…  [Clickable photos below]

Go On Safari

  • Link to Wetu African Safari itinerary page

Fall In Love

  • Link to Wetu Romance & Honeymoons itinerary page

Be Immersed In Art & Culture

  • Link to Wetu Art & Culture itinerary page

Embark On A New Adventure

  • Link to Wetu Adventures itinerary page

Travel With Family

  • Link to Wetu Family Travel itinerary page

Enjoy The Island Life

  • Link to Wetu Islands and Beaches itinerary page

See Timeless Wonders Up Close

  • Link to Wetu Timeless Wonders itinerary page

Surprise Me

  • Can we redirect to an inspirations page -- a Wetu catalog filled with a few itineraries categorized by interest?

[May add more clickable photos and content to homepage]

Bottom navigation menu:

[Social media buttons]


  • list all destinations again

Travel by interest:

  • list all interests again

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