Alluring Africa Bookmark

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Printing costs: 500- $375.00 printing + $80.00 bindery

Design: $245

Total project= $700

Side A:

(When fanned from left to right)

A1. Cover

Title: [Alluring Africa logo] (No copy)

Image: (Lion Sands Treehouse)

A2. Balloon

Copy: Calm your racing heart and embrace your lover as your balloon takes flight above the Busanga Plains. The astonishing view will take your breath away.

A3. Safari  

Copy: Feel the lion roar. The echo pierces straight through you, invigorating your spirit. You’ve reached a new level of feeling alive, like the first time you held your lover’s hand.

A4. Victoria Falls

Title: Behold the mighty waters of the Zambezi River as it plummets over shimmering cliffs. Marvel at the colors streaming through the sky as the mist catches the light.

A5. Abu’s Camp-  Elephant

Copy: Form a deeper bond with one another as you connect with elephants in their natural habitat -- a very personal, intimate experience you’ll remember forever.

Focus on man and woman touching elephant trunk (show their faces at’s okay if just the elephant truck is shown.)

A6. Underwater room - The Manta Resort- Pemba Island [ADDED]

Copy: Snuggle next to your lover and gaze out the window to see colorful fish swimming along. You might be dry, but just outside those walls is an ocean in which your room is completely submerged.

A7: Cape Town Night Life

Copy: Embark on a night out in Cape Town, and experience the city’s vibrant energy.

Enjoy the clubs of Long Street, go ice skating, or see a film at the Grant West cinema.

Side B:

B1. Contact

Embark on an experience that will captivate your senses. Shake it up -- do something unique. Discover something new together.

We can help you do that. Reach out to your agent:


Learn more about Africa:

B2. Delta Mokoro

Copy: Wake up to the sunrise as you glide along tranquil waterways in a mokoro, exploring the Okavango Delta. It’s just you, your lover, and the river -- perfect peace.

B3. Abu Camp Bathtub

Copy: Soak in serenity -- a bubble bath by candlelight. Relax and recover from a day of trekking through the plains and encountering incredible moments in wildlife.

B4. Cape Town food and wine

Copy: Sip elegant wines, hand-crafted from vine to glass, accompanied by an exotic meal overlooking the vineyards of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

B5. Beach

Copy: Sink your toes into pure, white sands on the untouched beaches of the mystical Seychelles islands. Fall in love to the rhythm of the waves rushing into shore.

B6. Spa

Copy: Feel relief pour in as agile hands soothe tight muscles. You and your lover have hit the reset button, and your rested bodies are ready to take on the world together

B7. Star dining

Copy: Let dinner whisk you away to a world where you are truly free from all of life’s little interruptions. Nothing but the quiet sounds of the Serengeti whirring in background


Bookmark Mailer Note

Dear [Agent Name],

Please find enclosed the brand new Romantic Alluring Africa inspirational brochures. You can use these brochures to show travelers some of the most sacred, soul-tickling experiences Africa has to offer.

Bring them with you to events, such as wedding expositions, where travelers are looking for a new way to celebrate their most romantic, treasured occasions.

We’ve even left a space on the back where you can include your contact information, so clients can contact you directly when they’re ready to start planning.

Of course, to sell, you’ll want to spend most of your time with qualified leads. To help you qualify people on the spot, we’ve enclosed a few questions you might use throughout your conversations.

We hope you enjoy sharing this inspiring piece with others as much as we have. Again, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Best wishes,

The Alluring Africa Team


[Enclosed card for agents to be a resource]

6 Questions To Help Qualify Your Travelers

  • What are your interests? (i.e. art, architecture, archaeology, wildlife, spas, cuisine, textiles, religion, sports, schools or nature)

  • What style of trip would you like? (ex. 5-star, 3-star, rugged adventure or pure luxury)

  • Tell me about your favorite travel experience (and your worst, if applicable.)

  • What do you envision for this trip?

  • For how long would you like to travel?

    • Trip start date/end date?

    • Are your dates flexible?

    • Timeframe? (i.e. 6-10/8-10 days/10-12 days)

  • What is your budget?

    • Our traveler’s budgets range from $500 to $1,500 per person, per night.

    • If your traveler is on the low end of that, give us a call anyway -- we can work with you to find an alternative solution to fit their budget.

Erika Finnimore